Data Recovery

Data Recovery

If your hard drive goes kaput, don’t invent new swear words, call Br1comp! Our Agents will attempt to recover lost files from your hard drive, flash drive, memory card or just about any device that stores data.  We know your data is important to you, so we'll keep you updated throughout the recovery process, and in the rare case we can’t get your data back we will refund you $150.

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FROM $249.99

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Data recovery is tricky business, based on your individual recovery needs and the state of your data and device, prices may vary.

Service Options

Level 1


Level 2

From $500

Level 3

From $1,600+

Diagnostic fee included in the total cost

Recover deleted files from a drive that is in good working order

Drives that require advanced recovery methods or a custom recovery solution such as a formatted or failing drive


Drives that are physically damaged or require extreme recovery procedures




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